Electromagnetic Energy Pollution

Electromagnetic Energy: It’s Everywhere

Electro-Magnetic Fields (EMFs) are harmful radiation emitted from cell phones, cell towers, wifi, SmartMeters, cordless phones, microwaves, and even from the electrical components in our cars. All electric appliances and electronics emit differing doses of harmful radiation. The electric pulse of our cells, and of the earth, is about 8 Hz. When we are exposed to artificial (60 Hz and higher) electrical pulses, there is a bioelectric field affecting every cell in our bodies. Chronic health issues can result in continued exposure to this invisible energy.

The primary effect is on our brains, nervous system, hormones (especially thyroid and adrenals) and immune system. These radio frequency fields can lead to symptoms of insomnia, anxiety, depression, headaches, chronic fatigue, arthritis, heart disease and more. EMFs affect our entire body, with a reduced capacity to handle stress.

Since a child’s brain is developing for at least 20 years, it is especially alarming that many young children now have cell phones. GET THE CELL PHONE AWAY FROM YOUR BRAIN!! Use a headset, cord, speaker, or bluetooth so your cell phone is at least 6″ away from you body.

To protect your health and to repair damage from radiation, here are a few tips:
– Minimize use of cell phones & Wifi. Use a corded router or phone (landline) when possible. Some routers have an on/off Wifi switch, such as NetGear.
– Use a protective device such as Q-Link (necklace and/or cell protector) to reduce exposure
– Turn off wireless devices at night
– Take supportive supplements, such as electrolytes
– Walk barefoot on the earth for enhanced grounding!
– And GET YOUR CELL PHONE AWAY FROM YOUR BRAIN: it can’t be stated too often!