Estrogen Dominance: Save Your Breasts with Natural Medicine

Angelina Jolie has inspired some women to consider double mastectomies as a solution for cancer prevention.  Is this the only solution?  I see women in my practice responding to natural treatment in positive ways on a daily basis.

A few years ago, I treated a woman in her late twenties who had a medical diagnosis for estrogen positive adenoma and cysts that was confirmed by breast thermogram and a tissue biopsy.   (See red areas in first photo below). After one visit with me and following my recommended treatment that included EstraLiv, her follow-up thermogram revealed that all but one cyst was gone in just four months of treatment.  There was a 90% clearing of breast tissue cysts.   See the dramatic improvement in the photos below.

Thermogram: Estrogen Dominance before Treatment

Thermogram: Estrogen Dominance before Treatment

Thermogram 4 months post treatment

Thermogram 4 months post treatment

EstraLiv is a proprietary formula to help the liver de-conjugate estrogens both real and synthetic.  Such estrogens include xenoestrogens (false estrogens), pesticides, skin creams with estrogenic  ingredients, off-gassing from cheap plastics and heated water bottles, among other culprits. Excess estrogens, natural or synthetic, tie up receptor sites and over time lead to signs of accumulated or congealed estrogens.  The liver must be able to de-conjugate these hormones to excrete them from the body, otherwise they may lead to cysts and fibroids.

In my opinion, many years of accumulated estrogens in the body can lead to excess cell proliferation and eventually cancer, especially breast, uterine or ovarian cancer.   If you are taking hormones of any sort, I recommend taking a bottle of EstraLiv once or twice per year to help detoxify the excess estrogens.

In fact, anyone who has ever taken birth control for longer than six months needs to take EstraLiv.  Even if it was twenty or thirty years ago, your body can still carry the congealed estrogens in your breast, ovary and uterine tissue.  Additionally, any menopausal woman on hormones should also take EstraLiv.

EstraLiv is a proprietary formula that provides necessary patterns of vitamins, minerals , nutrients and enzymes to assist the liver in processing biological and supplemental estrogens such as birth control or hormones.  Because the liver performs several functions which enable female hormones to be correctly produced, processed and eliminated, a synergistic unique blend of specific nutrients is required.

An estrogen imbalance can lead to many health symptoms including fatigue, mood swings, skin and vaginal dryness, bladder problems, food cravings, weight gain over hips, upper thighs, breast and upper arms; joint pains, headaches, loss of libido, sleep issues, premature aging, heart palpitations, breast swelling and tenderness, fluid retention, breast lumps and cysts, hot flashes, osteoporosis, menstrual irregularities and more.

Recently one of my patients experienced a sudden onset of breast swelling and tenderness.  She began taking Estraliv and within three days the tenderness was gone.  Some women like to be on it all the time because they feel so much better, especially emotionally more balanced and clear.  If the liver isn’t functioning well mental symptoms include irritability, emotional sensitivity, and even anger.

Although EstraLiv is only part of the solution, and specific nutrients for other endocrines such as thyroid, adrenals and ovaries are important too, it is a huge part of prevention.  This product was developed and has been successfully used for the last 25 years.  You can get personal support from me for hormone balance and detox of accumulated estrogens.  Appointments and solutions can be conducted in person or long-distance by phone.   EstraLiv will soon be available online at or call for an appointment today: 707-494-8606.

These Thermography results can be verified through the Thermography Center of Sonoma County