thyroid metabolsim

Keys to Successful Weight Loss

After 20 years of working with patients (and myself) I finally discovered the best way to lose weight: lifestyle change! It’s boring, I know, nothing new, but people who lose weight rapidly almost always gain it all back, and then some. If you lose weight slowly over time, your hypothalamus or brain has time to reset to the new lower weight.

That said, you must have healthy functioning thyroid, pancreas, adrenals and liver to be able to burn fat! The thyroid is the gas pedal, if under functioning your metabolism will be too slow. The pancreas regulates insulin/glucagon, cravings and blood sugar. If you have any insulin resistance your body will conserve fat, not burn it. Proper adrenal function counters fatigue and gives you energy for living and exercising. Your liver has a function in glycogen hypoglycemia, so that must be in balance.

I find many people have mental/emotional blocks to fat burning and losing weight. Their negative self-talk “I hate my body/I’m too fat” only reinforces the problem. I have used Psych-K to rapidly dissolve these subconscious beliefs and replace them with a positive and supportive mind set.

It takes time, maybe months or a year, to learn to eat lots of veggies, smaller portions and adjust to a healthier lifestyle. But it’s so worth it to regain your health on all levels!