Remote Sessions

Annie works with people at a distance similar to how she works in person.  Once you sign up on the website for an appointment, provide payment and email a photo, the initial interview is conducted by phone or Skype.  You will spend 15-20 minutes with Annie on your case history and symptom patterns.

Annie then uses the Medipoint system and applied kinesiology in order to determine endocrine, organ and nervous system deficiencies and imbalances.  She pinpoints an individualized protocol specific for you and mails the nutritional supplements to you with complete instructions and natural medicine information.  Follow up is generally in 3-5 weeks.

Annie works with an individual on an average of once a month for three to four times as the body repairs, rebalances and rebuilds. Patients feel better as symptoms decrease and the body heals.

Clients can pre-pay for 3 sessions to receive 20% off services (supplements are additional cost). Regular $420, pre-pay $336