Cold Helper


Cold Helper


This product from Physicians Choice Line will get you through the winter staying healthy. It is actually a three-in-one product: it reduces inflammation, alkalizes the body so bugs can’t live, and cleans out the intestines.

If you take it right at the beginning of cold or flu symptoms, you will likely not get sick. I take two each day for preventative use.

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Cold Helper Nutritional Supplement Information


Summary of Cold Helper Functions:

  • Reduce inflammation contributing to colds, flu & acidity

  • Alkalize the body, reducing acidity thus neutralizing toxins

  • Detoxify & soothe the gastro-intestinal tract & nasal mucus membranes

  • Clear lymphatic congestion and promote circulation

Cold Helper was clinically developed to neutralize acidity, promote toxin removal from and body and intestines, and re-establish normal circulation to the involved areas. The rationale for healing the cold or flu involves alkalizing the body, strengthening the mucous membranes, neutralizing all the bacterial and viral waste products (exotoxins), and clearing the lymphatic circulation system. To do this, Cold Helper contains specific bicarbonates, key enzymes to remove toxins that cause inflammation, and nutrients which neutralize toxins and promote circulation. Cold Helper targets the source of cold and flu symptoms. Viruses and bacteria thrive on acidity, intestinal toxins, congested lymphatics and irritated mucous membranes. Cold Helper treats these conditions.

The balanced ingredients in Cold Helper promote alkalinity, bind with toxins so they can be properly eliminated and promote healing of the nasal mucous membranes and intestines.

The mucous membranes form the primary barrier against microbial invasion and must be healthy in order to prevent illness. If they have been compromised and an infection has begun, it is then imperative to neutralize the endotoxins and proteins of the offending organism because these are the means by which an illness is perpetuated. Endotoxins are protein-based substances which damage tissue and assist in establishing an environment for additional colonies. Viruses are different. In addition to the cellular waste products generated by their infections, they contain unique protein-based shells (capsids), structural proteins, and functional proteins which enable them to penetrate and infect cells. Finally, if an infection seems to be getting established, the lymphatic and immune functions must be supported.

Diet Recommendations: The foundation for illness prevention is diet. Proper dietary practices are essential for maintaining healthy mucous membranes. The worst offenders are acidic and astringent foods which irritate and damage the mucosal barrier thereby enabling bacteria and viruses to enter into the circulation. Therefore at the first sign of an illness it is imperative that all acidic foods be avoided. This includes all sugar, honey, black pepper, fresh and pickled ginger, all citrus, bananas, pineapple, melons, fruit juices, vinegar, tomatoes, salsa, onions, eggplant, nuts, nut butters, seeds, soy protein, yogurt, cheese, popcorn, chips, black tea, coffee, colas, soft drinks, alcohol, and wine. Next, foods should be added to the diet that support healing. This includes fruit sauces, fresh broths made from breast of chicken with the bones, vegetable soups, all cooked vegetables, white fish, cooked egg whites, and lean meats are supportive. Non-acidic fruits are helpful and include sweet apples (Fuji, Gala, red and golden delicious), pears, apricots, peaches, grapes.  In addition to diet there is a specific protocol for strengthening the mucous membranes as well as neutralizing the offending organism and toxins.

Finally, it is really true that you want to ‘feed a cold and starve a fever”!

Cold Helper Ingredients:

Bromelain, sodium & potassium bicarbonate, sodium alginate, gugulipid, pectin, bentonite, papain & chlorophyll

In a proprietary blend 730 mg.


Cost: $35 for 75 capsules (plus tax)

USPS Shipping & Handling $15

Call, text or email to arrange pick up from Sebastopol office:  707-494-8606 

Ordering Information: currently only available from the Rejuvenation Clinic.



"Cold Helper really lived up to its name during a recent 4-week trip to India. Cold Helper not only kept colds and flus away, but I was spared intestinal distress as well.  Out of the 16 people in our group, only two of us didn't get sick.  I won't leave home without Cold Helper!   It is also a staple in my home medicine cabinet to help with any cold, flu, acidity or intestinal issues."

 –CH, Santa Rosa