Electrolytes 2


Electrolytes 2


Electrolyte balance is necessary for optimal functioning of your brain, heart and entire body. Electrolytes carry an electric charge that regulates nerve, muscle & heart function, acid-base & water balance. All bodily cells are dependent on this fluid mineral balance, thus an imbalance can cause many disturbances.

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Symptoms of Electrolyte Deficiency:

·      Cramps, muscular weakness, tremors, tingling, numbness, restless legs

·      Dizziness, light headed, faint

·      Lethargy, mental apathy, confusion, trouble remembering

·      Lack of thirst or excessive thirst; dry mouth

·      Heart irregularities, palpitations, arrhythmias

·      Digestive disturbances such as gas, bloat, loose stools, abdominal cramps

·      Cravings for alcohol, sugar, coffee, chocolate, tobacco

·      Poor long term response to natural therapies. Quick improvement that may deteriorate after a week or two

·      Intolerance to extreme heat or cold

·      Dark circles under eyes

·      Copious or frequent urination; clear urine

Conditions which may cause an Electrolyte deficiency:

·      Stress: mental, emotional, environmental; allergies, anemia, hypoglycemia

·      Excessive intake of alcohol, coffee, soft drinks, nicotine, distilled or reverse osmosis water which is stripped of minerals

·      Hot weather, increased perspiration

·      Vomiting or diarrhea

·      Fasting, juice diets, low salt diets, low carbohydrate diets

·      Excessive water consumption without thirst

·      Certain medications such as diuretics

Electrolytes 2 Ingredients:

Potassium (gluconate & carbonate)      99 mg

Magnesium (oxide)                                   40 mg

Manganese (amino acid chelate)          10 mcg

In a proprietary blend of: beet root powder, whey, trace minerals

Other ingredients: gelatin and water

Contains NO corn, soy, salt, yeast, egg, sugar, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives

Ordering information:

Cost: $35 for 90 capsules (plus tax)

Shipping & Handling: $15, or arrange to pick up from Sebastopol office to save this charge