This unique formula stimulates the elimination and drainage of toxins by promoting the circulation of blood and lymph through the Liver, Gallbladder, Kidneys & Spleen. Stored toxins are readily mobilized for release, rather than being stuck and stored in the body, where they may have been lodged for years.

LGKS supports lymphatic drainage, the only product of it’s kind on the market.

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LGKS is indicated for toxic conditions with the following symptoms:

·      Skin rashes, eczema, inflammation from bug bites or stings

·      Headaches, especially after alcohol, overeating or lack of activity

·      Irritability especially after eating rich foods or from digestive disturbances

·      Puffy eyes, ankle swelling, or general edema

·      Joint pains or stiffness, worse after rest, improved by motion

·      Lethargy made worse by eating and rest; worse after napping

·      Feels better with exercise, increased perspiration

·      Sinus congestion

·      Tinnitus (acute), ear congestion


Vitamin C (calcium ascorbate)    10 mg

Sodium alginate                              100 mg

Apple pectin                                     100 mg

Bentonite powder                          75 mg

Burdock root (4:1 extract)           65 mg

Dandelion root (4:1 extract)        65 mg

Cholic acid                                        40 mg

Rhubarb root powder                    25 mg

Deoxycholic acid                             20 mg

Catalase                                            10 mg

Cellulase                                            5 mg


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